50+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes

There are billions of people on earth and millions of them have birthday today. Today we are celebrating birthday of special people with special wishes. We wish you a very happy birthday and hope his day is filled with incredible and joyous moments in your life. We have written 50+ best happy birthday wishes for you to share with your close friends or relatives. Here, you will find birthday wishes for friends, relatives, lovers, long distance boyfriend/girlfriend, colleagues and many more.

Wishing the best life to you on your very special day in a Year, You deserve to win the world, Happy birthday!

50+ best happy birthday wishes
50+ best happy birthday wishes

Birthday Wishes for Friends

Let us start with the best birthday wishes for friends and later in this article, we will share greetings for relatives and more people. Friends are the closest people to our heart after our blood relatives. Our best friends are like brothers/sisters from another mother. So we can not resist to wish him/her a very happy birthday. Here are some of the finest and most popular birthday wishes for friends. You can simply copy and share it on your own timeline on facebook or you can share it with your friends as well.

“Dear friend, on your very special day, I wish you shine like a diamond and brighten this world with your smile.”

“Today on your birthday, I wish you stay as awesome as you are for your entire life. Happy Birthday My Friend”

Happy Birthday wishes greetings images for friends
Happy Birthday wishes greetings images for friends

“When I first met you, you were like a precious thing just happened to me. I thank God everyday that he sent you on this planet.”

“Thanks for being so nice and supportive to me always. I wish I could be as awesome as you are my friend.”

“Dear Friend, I wish you get success in everything you plan for on your birthday today. Stay Happy and Healthy forever.”

Wish you nothing but good things happy birthday images for friends
Wish you nothing but good things happy birthday images for friends

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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Everyone has a best friend with whom he/she could share his/her secrets. If it is your best friend’s birthday, then you must wish him on his/her special day today. You can share a memory or some secrets which only two of you know about. This way, you can make him/her remember the best time spent with you. Here are some wishes and messages to share with your best friend.

  1. Best friends are like 2 sides of the same coin, they may look different but are always together. Happy birthday my bestie.
  2. My bestie, you must be the luckiest on this planet to have me a your best friend, happy birthday!
  3. You must not forget someone knows all your secrets, happy birthday to my true best friend.
  4. Your presence makes me feel blessed. A friend like you is more than any happiness of the world, Wish you a great birthday.
  5. When I look back and see the things we did together, I get so emotional and happy to be alive with you as my best friend.
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Happy birthday wishes for best friend
Happy birthday wishes for best friend

Best Happy birthday wishes

Want more beautiful birthday wishes for your relatives? Don’t worry, we are here to serve you the best possible wishes and messages to wish you a happy birthday.

Birthdays come every year, but people like you shine every day with your excellend deeds. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, to someone I can not forget even in heaven.

With every year passing, you get older but look much younger. I don’t know what sort of food you eat, happy birthday beautiful.

I must say that people like you are the ones who deserve 100+ years of life to spread more love and kindness in this world. Happy birthday my dear.

Birthdays are the days to get together with best people in your life and recall the sweet memories you have spent with each other. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday wishes greetings images
Happy Birthday wishes greetings images

Final Words

I hope you are doing well and I could add a little more happiness to your life with these sweet and funny birthday wishes. You must be smiling while reading this article and specially the wishes part. I pray to God that you always keep smiling and spreading happiness in every corner of the world.

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