Happy birthday to my best friend

Best friends are like brothers from another mother. We have spent a lot of time together and I can’t forget all the happy, exciting, fun and zestful moments that we have been living. Today on your birthday, I wish a very happy birthday to my best friend on the planet. May you live long, strong and healthy life my best friend; this is all I wish for you to God everyday.

Short birthday wishes for best friend

Let’s start our journey to the best birthday wishes for our best friends with the short greetings and messages for best friend. Every word in the below lines mean a lot and is very precious to our friendship.

  1. Wishing you a lot of blessings on your very special day my friend.
  2. Hearty congratulations on your birthday, have a great one.
  3. Happy Birthday! it’s your special day today. Have an awesome upcoming year.
  4. A happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead, that’s all I wish you today on your birthday my friend.
  5. Happy birthday my friend, you are the best person I ever came across.
  6. Wake up and let’s get up to some mischief. We will make it memorable together, Happy birthday bestie.
  7. I wonder how generous, kind and awesome you are! Happy Birthday to the best person on planet.

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Happy birthday wishes for best friend
Happy birthday wishes for best friend

Funny birthday wishes for best friend

Add a little bit of fun to your friendship with these funny birthday wishes for the best friend.

  1. Studies show that wise people have large brains, trust me that’s wisdom, not baldness.
  2. Happy birthday, it’s been 30 years for you to look this good.
  3. Birthday? you mean new personal record for number of years lived.
  4. Happy birthday my friend, now you are getting a bit older.
  5. Congratulations! On being one more year old. Happy birthday friend.
  6. Days have gone you looked young, happy birthday my best friend.

Long Distance birthday wishes for best friend

Wishing your long distance best friend happy birthday with such awesome and heart touching lines will be the perfect idea for this birthday. Share your feelings towards your best friend on his/her special day sharing these incredibly good birthday wishes.

Happy birthday wishes to my best friend
Happy birthday wishes to my best friend
  1. We may be away physically but our souls will never be apart, Happy birthday my best friend.
  2. Looking forward to see you in [ month ], missing your presence my friend, Happy Birthday.
  3. Raising a glass to your wellness and success, see you soon my friend.
  4. So excited for your birthday, Can’t imagine being away on your very special day my friend.
  5. Sending all the love and well wishes from [ Location ] on your birthday. Have a great birthday and incredible year ahead.

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Sincere birthday wishes for best friend

Sincere and cute birthday wishes for your best friend on his/her auspicious day.

  1. Hey friend, I hope you are having lot of fun on your birthday, I wish you more joy and happiness in your life.
  2. My dear friend, You are very special person in my life, I wish you always stay happy, healthy and generous.
  3. Happy birthday dear, I wish you lot’s of good luck and blessings on your birthday.
  4. Happy birthday my best friend! You have taught me to enjoy life and stay focused being positive in life. Thanks for being so nice to me forever.
  5. I can’t tell how happy I am today knowing it’s the day you were born. I wish all the blessings of God shower upon you and you become most successful person in the world. Happy Birthday my best friend!
best happy birthday wishes for best friend
best happy birthday wishes for best friend

Belated birthday wishes for best friend

Did you just miss your best friend’s birthday? Nothing to worry as we got you covered with the most beautiful belated birthday wishes for best friend.

  1. You didn’t look older to me, So I couldn’t guess its one more year ahead. Happy Belated birthday by the way, just forgot to write it yesterday.
  2. Happy belated birthday from your most un-organized friend, Stay blessed!
  3. I feel sad that I missed birthday of my best friend, It’s just because you look the same as last year.
  4. I am surprised to see how quickly this year has passed, it looks like day before yesterday since you celebrated your last birthday. Happy belated birthday my friend.

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