What to Write In a Birthday Card?

Birthday cards are a way to remind someone that you think their lives are certainly worthy of celebrating. Can you ever ask yourself what to write on your birthday card? and what are the words actually “just right” that will make the reader chuckle, relax or feel encouraged and valued? Rather than just “Happy Birthday,” what are you gonna say? 

We have come up with some suggestions to provide you with starting to make the right greeting for your birthday card which will make your receiver delighted. Choose your pick or a couple to add!

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Cute Birthday Messages:

A sweet birthday note is great to be included in a card for everyone. To help the birthday person feel happy about themselves on their day or to show your enthusiasm about the coming birthday party, you should write something. Here are several examples of cute wishes for birthdays:

Simple things to write in a birthday card:

  • Thank you for just being a supportive friend like that. Surely you’re one worthy of celebration!
  • What fun moments we’ve spent together! A lot more of them seem to be there to look forward to!

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“Hope you make your [nth] a birthday to remember!”


“Wishing you a happy birthday and a year that’s blessed.”

What to write in birthday card WishesPlus
What to write in birthday card WishesPlus
  • My personal favorite thing to do would have been celebrating your birthday.
  • I’ll always look back and laugh at our flashbacks! Here’s this year just to make so much!

Messages for Belated Happy Birthday:

It would be the best of us to just let the birthday melt away throughout the busy life of regular activities. Still, late is better than nothing at all, you know what the old saying is! A birthday card sent several days (or weeks, or months) late will always make sense and give the receiver happiness.

Messages to write in a birthday card:

  • I apologize if I made the impression that I had missed your birthday. The reality is, you’re so awesome!

“Your friendship means the world to me. I hope you have the best day.”

What to write in birthday card WishesPlus
What to write in birthday card WishesPlus

“Happy belated birthday! I hope your day was as special as you.”

  • You have already enjoyed your birthday party when you’re reading this. Sorry If I make you disappointed, Happy Belated Birthday!
  • The great news about such a belated wish for a birthday is that you do have a reason to celebrate again now!

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Birthday Wishes What to write in birthday card WishesPlus
Birthday Wishes What to write in birthday card WishesPlus

Final words on what to write in birthday card:

This article focuses on writing the best words in a birthday greeting card that you want to share with your friends or family. I hope you loved reading this awesome birthday card ideas article, Please share and comment your views down here.

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