Abdu Rozik Biography: Career, Net Worth, Disease (2024)

Abdu Rozik is a legendary figure whose contributions to the enchanted realm of art, where imagination is the only limit and creativity has no boundaries, continue to inspire new generations. Originating from a world full of creative energy, Rozik’s path embodies enthusiasm, tenacity, and an unwavering quest for greatness. Abdu Rozik Biography takes us on an engrossing journey through the life and legacy of this remarkable artist, whose lasting influence is still reshaping the field of contemporary art.

Abdu Rozik Biography Overview

Abdu Rozik  Details 
Profession  Actor, Musician 
Celebrity Type  Influencer, Singer 
Age  19 years as of 2022 
Date Of Birth  23rd September 2003 
Zodiac Sign  Virgo 
City  Ghizdarva, Tajikistan 
Nationality  Tajikistan 
Height  3 feet 1 inches 
Weight  18kgs 
Notable Work  Bigg Boss 16 
Net Worth in rupees  Rs 16 Crores 
Net Worth  2,00,000
Instagram   @abdu_rozik
Twitter   @abdurozikartist 

Abdu Rozik Biography

Abdu Rozik is a well-known vocalist, boxer, musician, blogger, and Tajik singer. Ohi Dili Zor, his Tajik Rap song, is well-known. Abdu Rozik’s true name is Savriqul Muhammadroziqi. His talent may be seen on the YouTube account Abdu Rozik, and he has a sizable Instagram following. Despite being only eighteen, he has become well-known on the internet quite quickly. The Tiniest Singer in the World is Abdu Rozik. The Tajikistani district of Gishdarva, Panjakent, is the birthplace of Abdu Rozik. The nationality of Abdul Rozik is Tajik. Abdu Rozik adheres to the Islamic faith. Brown is the color of Abdu Rozik’s eyes and hair.

From a young age, Abdu Rozik suffered from rickets. Dwarfism is the name given to his ailment. Because of the illness, which at the time was untreated, his height steadily declined over time. He weighs seventeen kilograms and is three feet, three inches tall. In addition to participating in the reality series, Abdu will also feature in Salman’s highly anticipated film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, according to the Bigg Boss 16 host. On Monday, Tajikistani musician and performer Abdu Rozik was announced as Bigg Boss 16’s first official challenger.

Gained Popularity in India 

He posted a video of himself singing Arijit Singh’s Hindi song “Enna Sona” from the 2017 movie “OK Jaanu” in 2021. He received an invitation to the IIFA (2022) awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He sang a rendition of the Hindi song “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga” from the 1994 movie “1942: A Love Story” at the function. Salman Khan, who attended the occasion as well, received a dedication from him for the song. Salman Khan approached him and hugged him after the occasion.

After that, Abdu received an invitation to India to attend the wedding reception of A. R. Rahman’s daughter, Khatija Rahman. Speaking about it in an interview, Abdu claimed that Ameen, the musician and son of Rahman, had contacted me after learning about the job I was doing. After that, we kept in contact till our initial meeting in Dubai. After we became close friends, I met AR Rahmanji. We all got into an unplanned jam session as I was playing the piano. That was our first encounter.

Additionally, he has shared the stage with well-known Indian vocalist A. R. Rahman. He mentioned this in an interview, adding that I joined him on stage in singing Mustafa Mustafa. Being on stage with an Oscar-winning composer whose music is well-known throughout the world was such a privilege. Singing his lines was very nerve-wracking for me. But he was kind enough to allow me to finish my song. 

It was a dream come true for me to perform onstage alongside one of my favorite artists. He took part in season 16 of the Hindi reality TV program “Bigg Boss” in 2022. He discussed taking part in the show in an interview. He declared, “I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life with Bigg Boss 16!” Despite his nerves. People used to consistently underestimate my ability since I was little and short. Throughout my childhood, I was constantly made fun of for my disabilities and called out as the unfortunate child of God, but look where I have come from today.


Midline facial malformations are the underlying cause of Abdu Rozik’s disease, a genetic condition linked to anatomical problems in the brain. There are plenty of physically fit persons below this height in the world. Many people are limited physically. However, goodwill is constantly dispersed by people who celebrate what they have rather than bemoan what they lack.

The Tajik musician Abdu Rozik, who is currently very popular on social media, has been repeating the same phrase. Three feet tall and with a voice so high no one can tell he’s not that tall. He’s the world’s most insignificant singer.

One of Abdu Rozik’s conditions is his low stature. The aging sickness that affects Abdul Rozik is his agelessness. Despite being an adult, he has a childlike appearance. He looked like an eight-year-old boy, but Abdullah knew that was not the case. It shouldn’t grow for any other cause as well. The well-known artist has growth hormone insufficiency, a genetic condition that causes him to be notably shorter than typical.

Net Worth

Baron also took Abdu Rozik to the physician, who managed to cure him and make him grow 40–50 cm. This young singer moved to Dushanbe now, where Baron supports him financially. Abdu Rozik is thought to be valued well over $200,000. His primary revenue streams are sponsorships and music. As a vocalist, he makes a good livelihood. He gets paid for his YouTube stream that he does online as well. Apart from that, Abdu has achieved international fame and collaborated with other top companies. Ultimately, one might say that he makes a reasonable amount of money.

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