Adorable Moment Of Baby’s Dumpling Cheeks

Thuy Phuong a mother from Kien Giang, Vietnam is receiving a stream of likes, comments and new messages from the online community after she shared images of her 7 month old son Gia Huy which is commonly known as Banh Mi. This is creating excitement among everyone who is watching hte pictures because of its rosy complexion and his adorable cheeks which resembles like dumpling.

He was compared to Shin a famous cartoon character from Banh Mi. Banh Mi is a 7 month old baby whose weight is 10.3 kg. He follows a strict schedule. The baby drinks 200 ml bottles of milk everyday in morning and afternoon which is accompanied by two solid meals.
At What Time Banh Mi Sleeps?
Banh Mi sleeps at around 9 0’clock in the evening and wakes up at around 6:30 or 7 am the next morning. From month to month the activity schedule has been changed throughout the journey of baby from birth until now. But the bedtime is similar as Banh Mi stays up late or he wakes up late in the morning.
Reason Babies Have Chubby Cheeks
For babies to acquire weight in such a short amount of time, a high fat diet is essential. Healthy growth and development need the use of fat as energy, and “baby” fat is stored under the skin as chubby cheeks or soft calf rolls.

The flesh and muscle that make up a baby’s plump cheeks. Regardless of whether they are breastfed or given a bottle, babies require strong cheek muscles to aid in feeding.

During feedings, a baby’s cheek muscles are repeatedly squeezed, building them up to be fuller and stronger. The cheeks could appear rounder as a result. A layer of skin and fat covers the muscle layer of the cheek.

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