How to Find A True Friend? Rediscovering Friendship (2024)

These days, we refer to a lot of people as friends. But is it the case? The truth is that not everyone we think of as friends thinks the same of us. You’ve probably noticed how this word’s importance has diminished in today’s culture. With this piece, I wish to redeem the word “friendship” in your eyes. To answer the questions of what a true friend is and how to find a true friend, let’s look at the different types of friendships that exist.

Types of Friendship

One instantly thinks of Aristotle’s ethics when discussing connections between individuals, as he identified three kinds of friendship:

  • Friendship is based on mutual benefits.
  • Friendship that seeks enjoyment.
  • Genuine companionship is founded on the qualities of the other individual.

Friendship Based On Mutual Benefit

This type of connection is based on temporary gain. Instead of emphasizing the individual, it focuses on what the person can provide. If someone better suited or able to offer greater benefits becomes available, these individuals can be quickly replaced. Even though these people may spend a lot of time together and have excellent communication, there is no consideration for the inner life of the individual. This type of relationship is vital in society, particularly in the workplace. Follow these guidelines for friendship to maximize persons and situations:

  • Maintain your separation. Never divulge your personal information to anyone. Carry on the conversation. This is necessary to have a mutually beneficial partnership moving ahead.
  • Help out when asked. Assist someone when they ask for advice or assistance, but refrain from doing it frequently to prevent it from coming across as exploitation. Never be afraid to ask for help from others.
  • Have perseverance. If you allow someone to take advantage of you, you’ll feel let down by them.

Friendship pursuing pleasure

What makes you a buddy is the passions and interests you have in common. You spend time together because you get along well. It may seem like a genuine friendship and might be happy and enjoyable. However, most people make this error. When two people have this kind of friendship, one finds happiness doing their own thing instead of hanging out with the other. This friendship terminates when there is no longer a factor or opportunity for enjoyment. Emotionally charged friendships don’t last long. In this type of friendship, the other person is not the object of affection, but rather a means to an end.

It’s easy to tell if someone is a true friend. Simply keep a watch on them. Use this formula as a reference:

  • Observe their level of concentration when you spend time with them. If they are not paying attention or are obviously about to interrupt you, they do not respect your opinions and convictions. This is particularly valid in situations where it happens often.
  • Do they wish to know your opinion? Someone who respects your opinions is a true friend. They are curious about your feelings and how you react to their statements. Even if they are having a very private chat, they will nonetheless ask for your opinion on the matter.
  • Does your spouse clarify things for you as you’re talking? A friend who respects you would try to comprehend what you’re saying. They’ll want to know more about the information you’re providing.
  • A great buddy initiates things. They won’t wait for you to make a recommendation. They will initially express interest in you.
  • A true friend is revealed by adversity. Your life experiences pique their curiosity. They have enough empathy to know when you need support and encouragement.

True friendship

After reading the first two points, you should have a good understanding of what true friendship is & how to find a true friend. This friendship is person-focused, in contrast to others. The other person’s attributes are quite important.

To consider someone a friend, you ought to:

  • Whether or not they are sentient beings.
  • What goals do they hope to achieve?
  • Whether they follow moral guidelines and principles.
  • The traits of the person.

Why do so many people believe that friends who share the same interests are genuine? Those who put their gratification ahead of the desire to share it with others are usually the ones who hold this false belief. Those who look past their shared desire for riches or happiness are the only ones who can truly call each other friends. The need to appreciate and share delight with a companion is the foundation of friendship.

How to Find A True Friend?

You have to grow up and become conscious to know who your buddies are. How much you enjoy yourself or how much you can do to help others doesn’t matter. What matters is how you present yourself overall. There is much more to friendship than merely having fun or being helpful. Well, now the question is how to find a true friend. You have discovered true friendship if you can grow and develop while spending time with someone like that.

Our friends are the people we choose. Consider the following: “How does the person next to me influence me?” You must comprehend their essence, fundamental realities, and profound reasons. Don’t depend on the other person’s comfort level or ease of communicating. A deliberate bond formed by two people who are motivated by similar goals and truths is called friendship. Such friendship is resilient to all misfortunes and challenges in this way.

Where to Find True Friends

People tend to believe that there are places where friendships can only be made. It is unnecessary to intentionally endeavor to establish connections with every individual since this could squander your precious time and assets. Observe those in your immediate vicinity. Determine who best fits you & how to find a true friend based on the article.

It’s important to remember that you meet new people all the time. It happens that you have no potential friends inside your immediate social circle. This can indicate that you’re not in the right place. You’re surrounded by people who don’t fit you. If this is the case, you need to change your routine and way of life to attract entirely new people into your life

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